Garage Door Won’t Close

Garage Door Won't Close

Your garage doors serve an important role in keeping your home safe and protected from all sorts of unwanted elements and factors.

They basically are your first line of defense against harmful things such as these.

However, if your garage door won’t close at all, it will not be able to serve its purpose properly leaving your homes and establishments vulnerable.

But what exactly is the reason behind why your garage doors won’t close at all?

Well, if you are interested to find out, here are some of the possible reasons that may be causing this situation to happen and the different things that you can do to fix it.

Faulty Safety Sensors

Your garage doors have safety sensors in place that prevent the door from closing if it detects any obstructions along the door’s path.

It works by sending signals to your garage door opener and letting it know whether it is safe to close the doors or not.

This is a good thing as it can ensure the safety of the people around you and prevent any damages and accidents from happening.

However, if something goes wrong with your safety sensors, it can be quite problematic as well as no matter what you do, your doors won’t close at all.

This is most especially true if it continues to perceive that there is an obstruction on your door’s pathway.

Now, there are three things that could be happening here.

Either you have misaligned sensors, you have dirty sensors, or you have broken sensors.

And since the causes greatly differ from one another, the means to address each is comparably different as well.

For the first two causes, misaligned and dirty sensors, all you need to do is have them realigned or cleaned and your door should go back from functioning as it should.

However, for the third cause, you may have to procure a replacement sensor and have the broken component replaced.

Incorrect Limit Settings

Another probable cause as to why your garage door won’t close at all is your door’s limit settings.

Now, your door has limit settings that indicate the distance needed to move your garage doors open and close.

This mostly refers to the open height of your respective garage doors.

A feature like this was made in order to prevent damages to your garage door by accidentally pushing the door down even when it has already reached the floor’s surface.

However, if you accidentally inputted the wrong limit on your door’s settings, once it reaches the floor, it will recognize it as an obstruction automatically reverse-opening your garage doors.

To get yourself out of this problem, all you need to do recalibrate your door’s limit settings.

Once you have done this, your door should be able to close properly this time around.

Garage Door Remote Issues

If the previous suggestions do not seem to work, then you can try checking out this next one.

If your garage door still won’t close although nothing else seems wrong with it, then it is possible that something may be going on with your garage door remote.

Your garage door remote is a means to open and close your garage doors so if they don’t function, it can be due to a lot of different reasons.

To help you start things up, here are some possible reasons as to why your garage door remote may not be functioning::

  • Low battery
  • Your open button is stuck in place
  • You are outside your garage door remote’s range

Do something about any of these and you just might resolve your garage door won’t close problem.

Your garage door opener is disabled

If you just had your maintenance lately, then it is entirely possible that your garage door opener was not reconnected to your garage doors.

And because of this, you are unable to open and close your garage doors mechanically.

Your garage door opener has a feature where you can pull the emergency release hatch in order to manually open and close your garage doors.

This is helpful especially when there is a power shortage in your area that prevents you from opening and closing your doors mechanically.

So if your doors are not opening when you press your switch or remote, then it is possible that this may be the problem for you.

To resolve this problem, all you need to do is reconnect your opener to your garage door’s pulley.

Once this is done, you should be able to lift open and close your garage doors.


If you want to find out accurately what went wrong and why your garage door does not close, then the best thing you can do is to hire for help.

With the right knowledge and skillset, solving this problem would be a walk in the park.

If you are looking for a garage door repair company that can help you out with this problem of yours, then try reaching out to Austin Garage Door Services.

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