How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

Garage Door Opens By Itself

Garage doors protect our car and garage from outside threats, such as extreme weather conditions and unauthorized entries.

Moreover, they are a great addition to increase property value as they improve your curb appeal.

Lastly, insulated garage doors can help you save money for energy bills as they regulate the heat more efficiently in attached garages.

But, what if there’s a gap between the garage door and the ground?

A very tiny gap might be okay, but a large gap may cause issues, such as ineffective insulation, diminished curb appeal, and security risk.

So you need to close the gap right away.

Here are some ways on how to adjust a garage door gap:

Move or Replace Stops

A garage door has rubber seal strips installed on the sides and at the top of the opening.

Garage door stops seal the gaps and prevent effects of weather conditions — moisture and too much heat.

When there is a gap on the garage door and its edges, it could be that the door and the seal strips are misaligned.

Move the garage door stops closer to the gaps.

And once you detect issues with the seal strips, go for a seal replacement from a garage door technician.

If you live here in Austin, you can rely on Austin Garage Doors.

Our garage door repair in Austin includes seal strips adjustment or replacement.

Assess Garage Door Tracks

The garage door must be completely vertical whenever you close it.

Otherwise, it will leave a gap on the ground.

Garage door tracks serve as the pathways of the rollers.

The tracks should hold the garage door at an appropriate distance with the seal strips.

So, if there is a gap, loose some mounted bolts along the tracks and adjust them slightly.

Also, if your garage door refuses to fully close, check if there are obstructions on the bottom of the tracks.

Adjust Through the Limit Switch

Garage door openers can set limits on how far your garage door should open or close.

If there is a gap between the floor and the ground, you can easily adjust the limit switch following the instructions on the opener’s manual.

But if you are not confident with technology, you can rely on Austin Garage Doors.

No matter what model of opener it is, we can adjust the limit switch accurately.

Give the Garage Door a Little Trim

Through time, wooden garage doors settle which change their sizes due to the condition of their environment.

They change their fit on the garage door frame that may lead to a gap on the edges.

For wooden garage doors, it is best to give them a little trim when there is a gap.

Call a garage door professional near you as the trimming involves careful and accurate execution.

Here at Austin Garage Doors, we have the best equipment for quick and flawless garage door trim.

Also, our garage door installation in Austin is available if you want to replace your steel or aluminum garage door that leaves gaps.

Add Concrete on the Ground

Like wooden garage doors, concrete floors also settle through time.

Concrete settling can leave a gap between the floor and the door.

So you can add concrete on the ground to level the floor and seal the gap.

Certified Garage Door Technicians in Austin

With the presented tips on how to adjust a garage door gap, we hope it would solve your gap problem.

However, if you are not confident with working on them, you can trust Austin Garage Doors.

We are a team of certified and hardworking garage door technicians in Austin.

Our garage door repair in Austin is 24/7 available to attend to garage door gaps or any other concerns.

Also, if you experience issues with the garage door tracks, rollers, springs, and other parts, we guarantee that our garage door repair in Austin can solve them.

We have developed top-rated and efficient methodologies to serve your garage door issues.

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Austin Garage Doors offers top-quality yet affordable garage door repair and garage door installation in Austin,

We are proud that our garage door installation in Austin has provided garage owners the necessary protection and enhanced their curb appeal.

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