How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

Garage doors, while seemingly uncomplicated, are one of the most complex pieces of fixtures a homeowner could own.

These huge slabs of metal, sometimes wood, weigh to rival some of the heaviest items on the house.

They’re expensive to purchase and sometimes even more costly to repair; say, the damages become too advanced for a simple tweak or tug.

There are times, however, when a complicated part of its entire structure would only need but a quick adjustment.

Such is the case for garage door openers, which, contrary to their relatively complex name, isn’t as sophisticated as one would like to think.

Garage door openers are motorized equipment responsible for opening and closing the doors operated by particular switches found on the garage wall.

They usually come in with a remote control that the owner could carry.

As such, they are one part of the overall garage door structure that could sustain a fair amount of complications – misalignment for one.

While it is tempting to acquire the help of a professional for this endeavor, one could try fixing this problem independently.

With that, this list seeks to provide tips on how to adjust garage door opener.

Secure the right tools

If you are looking for the proper way on how to adjust a garage door opener, you start by getting the appropriate tools.

Getting the right tools for the job requires thorough knowledge of the repair you are about to embark on.

Thus, you have to mentally and physically prepare yourself for what is to come.

With that, you should be able to equip yourself with the equipment that will be used to do the job itself and to assist you in the project.

In adjusting a garage door opener, the parts of such an intricate system should be closely inspected.

The equipment that you have will help you navigate through them so as not to damage them while in the process of adjustment.

For the job, you will need some flathead screwdrivers and a stepladder.

You can also throw in a flashlight so you can see clearly on the inside of the door opener.

Assess the problem first

Knowing the root cause of the problem of your garage door opener goes a long way.

There is no use in blindly wading through the job without a clue on what is truly behind the opener’s fault.

It is essential that before making the adjustment, you should first look into the assessment of the issue.

Test the functionality of the garage door.

If it reverses back immediately when you close it, there is a possibility that it is due to the safety sensors.

These sensors might be misaligned or dirty, causing them to detect objects that are normally not seen under the pathway of the door.

In some cases, it can be due to the lack of signal strength or malfunction within the receiver of the opener, causing it not to budge when you need it to.

Exercise caution

The first rule of making any repairs to any machine or system is to ensure that you are safe all throughout the mission.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to such a dangerous task.

A garage door opener can be a bit sensitive, especially because it is made up of fragile parts and materials.

Moreover, there are also some parts of the garage door that can have pointed edges or frays, so you have to look out for them.

Furthermore, the ladder should be kept in place.

There can be instances where misstep or imbalance can cause you to fall.

Call Austin’s Garage for the solution to your garage door.

On how to adjust the garage door opener, it is important that you know the basics.

It is also essential to entrust it to the experts.

This ensures that the garage door opener is safe.

With that said, Austin’s Garage is more than willing and capable of handling your garage door opener.

We are professionals in the field with plenty of experience.

As such, we guarantee great results and great service.

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