How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

Have you ever wondered why garage doors work the way they do?

There are so many things that go into the entire process of opening and closing these doors that one with an untrained eye could miss.

These doors and their parts work hand in hand, and so should one start malfunctioning, it is expected that the entire door will stop working altogether.

While it is ever so tempting to employ the aid of someone with experience to handle these kinds of jobs, sometimes the gentle touch of its owner could do the trick and have this door up and running.

Garage door sensors, for this matter, are these small camera-like units usually placed near the bottom of one’s garage door and are situated parallel to one another.

These sensors are responsible for transmitting a beam that detects the presence of any object that could hinder a garage door from fully closing.

Should these sensors misalign, it is likely to deal heavy damages to property and even life.

With that, this list serves to impart several pointers when dealing with a malfunctioning garage door.

Here are notes on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

Find the Garage Door Sensors

Finding the location of the safety sensors of the garage door is the first step.

Of course, as they are the components that need to be adjusted, they should be located on first and foremost so as not to blindly navigate on the system as a whole.

The sensors are usually positioned on both sides of the garage door itself.

They are locked in on the garage door tracks.

Moreover, they are fastened above in no more than six inches above the garage door floor.

These sensors are placed there so they can easily detect any stray objects, animals, or people that might pass through at any moment while the garage door is closing.

When it detects something, it automatically reverses and halts the operation.

This is one of the safety precautions that are installed on the door to prevent any accidents from happening.

As the garage door can be a bit dangerous, especially to children, the sensors play a huge role in terms of neutralizing the threat.

As such, when these sensors fail to do its job, it could be harmful to the residents.

Align the Sensors

The alignment of the sensors back to its place begins by loosening the wing nut that is located on the front portion of the sensors.

You can simply align the sensors so that its lenses are pointing right at each other, which is the correct position for such.

When the LED sensor is not steadily glowing, you can then proceed to tighten the wing nut back.

Once the LED is now noticeably normally flashing again, the garage door opener can once again operate in normal terms.

Test the Garage Door

In order to make sure that the garage door is working properly again, the final step is to have a test run.

Make sure that there is no one that is significantly close to the proximity of the garage door should any problems arise within the garage door.

As such, get the remote control and close the door to see if the sensors are functioning properly.

Call an Expert

If the problem persists, you are left with the choice of hiring a garage door repair expert.

As they are professionals who know their way around the parts of the garage door, they can easily identify as well as solve the problem better than any homeowner can.

Reach out to Austin’s Garage for your garage door needs.

While there is a guide on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain, it is recommended that the experts are the ones to handle the repair.

This ensures that the garage door is in the right hands.

This also guarantees safety and precision.

As such, we at Austin’s Garage are more than willing and capable of solving the problems with your sensors.

Simply contact us to get to know our services, and we promise you good results.

When it comes to your garage door, trust only the best in town!

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