How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

Accidents can happen anytime.

It’s something that one can never predict, let alone avoid.

Nevertheless, prevention could be one way to lessen the brunt of its inevitability.

As such, garage door owners are no strangers to skirmishes with their cars.

Most of the time, damages could be indistinguishable to the unsuspecting eye.

Still, there are also times when these damages are too obvious to dismiss.

One would expect that the most efficient way to have them repaired is the most costly, considering that the damaged item in question is already expensive.

While that is one tantalizing prospect to consider, there exist numerous hacks and tips that, in contrast to their seemingly impractical appearance, could be the solution to such grand problems.

The advent of the internet has seen that information sharing and admission could be done at the speed of light and that everyone has easy access to whatever they wish to seek.

What is impossible to achieve, with the help of the internet and science, are now made available at the flicker of your wrist.

That being said, this article seeks to provide reprieve for garage door owners unfortunate enough to have dented doors.

Here are several pointers on how to fix a dented garage door that could prove helpful:

Prepare Your Tools

For any project, it is important that the materials are bought and prepared.

It is such a hassle to bring an incomplete set of tools as it can hamper and slow down the task.

Make sure that the tools and equipment for the fixing of the dent in your garage door are complete before starting.

As a guide, what you will need is a bucket (preferably medium in size), a dish soap, a hose, a large sponge similar to that of the one used in a car wash, an aluminum foil that is heavy-duty, a lighter for candles or grill, and a can of compressed air.

Make sure that these items are prepared and assembled before starting any repairs.

Fix the Dent

For the first step of the fixing process, fill the medium-sized bucket first with warm water.

Use the hose as a means to get the water and mix the dish soap with it.

Make sure that the water is sudsy for better results.

Then, make use of the sponge to wash the area of the garage door that has been dented.

Make sure that all the dirt and grime are removed to ensure that this process will work.

Clean and dry the part of the garage door that is dented.

For the second step, measure the dented area and cut the foil with the same measurements.

Afterward, cover the area of the dent with enough extensions to encompass both sides of the dented door.

As a tip, unroll the foil first and measure the right size before cutting it.

Ensure that there is still extra foil left as a backup.

Thirdly, prepare the lighter and the air can.

Use the foil to cover the dent and keep it in place.

Make use of the lighter to and move it near the dented area, and heat up the covered area for one whole minute.

Ensure that the whole dented area is heated before you proceed to the next step.

Lastly, remove the foil covering the dented area.

Then, grab hold of the air can and position it upside down.

Afterward, simply spray the dented area with the air can while still holding it in the same position.

Make sure that you hold it in place for 30 seconds.

The upside-down position causes the whole area to be filled with carbon dioxide.

The dent will then go back into place due to the extreme temperature caused by the lighter and the cold brought about by the carbon dioxide.

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