How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

Garage doors are among several of the fixtures at home that endure heavy amounts of pressure.

From the creak of dawn to the last minute before midnight, these humongous doors are constantly being pulled to open and close.

As such, they are no strangers to having damages.

It could be a loose cable or a misalignment of the sensors – among the many things that could go awry.

Garage doors, while exceptionally durable, will need a homeowner to have them checked or fixed at a set point in time.

A garage door going off-track could be a huge detriment to a home.

Not only does this hinder the doors from fully closing, but it also places one’s belongings and security at risk.

On that account, the best way to get this resolved would be to employ the help of a professional hand.

Considering the size and weight of these doors, the endeavor of having them on track again could be dangerous.

Nevertheless, other homeowners would like to try undertaking it by themselves.

With that in mind, this list seeks to provide a set of pointers on how to fix a garage door off track.

Step One: Disable the Opener

The very first in fixing a garage door that is off its tracks is to disconnect first the opener.

This action ensures that the door does not operate suddenly while you are working.

It can be very dangerous, as one wrong move can further damage the mechanism and injure you in the long run.

To begin the repair, simply locate the string that is hanging from the dashboard that is used to control the opener of the garage door.

Then, simply pull this string so as to disable the operation.

This shifts the automatic controls into a manual one, giving you full control of the opening and closing of the door without the fear of sudden automatic action.

Step Two: Unlock the Garage Door and Secure It

The next step is to open the door itself and then secure it.

Make sure that the garage door is entirely released from the controls of the opener.

Afterward, have it lifted up until the track is now lined up together with a roller.

Ensure that you are safe, and so make use of some vice grips or an alternative like some locking pliers to establish the garage door in its place.

If you do not have this equipment, simply ask someone to help you.

Step Three: Lead the Wheels Back on Track

Make use of a pair of pliers and then proceed by opening the track exactly at the place where the roller has been disengaged from the track.

Afterward, place the rollers back on the inside of the tracks, then secure the entrance in the track.

Lastly, utilize a wooden or rubber mallet so as to restore the track back into its right shape.

Step Four: Inspect for the Proper Alignment of the Garage Door Manually

After all of the garage door rollers have been fixed, proceed to the next step of checking manually whether the rollers are now operating normally and smoothly.

Inspect also if the door is now opening again correctly.

This can be done by the manual opening as well as the closing of the door a couple of times.

You can also test the balance of the door while you check out its operations.

If you notice that the track remains to be misaligned, then perform the same steps as mentioned above up until the whole track is correctly aligned once more.

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Simply inquiring about how to fix a garage door off track will not bring your garage door back in place.

You also need to take action.

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