How to Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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Today, convenience has become a necessity, and wireless technology is in demand.

That said, almost all houses now use an automatic garage door that operates through an opener and remote device.

In a standard automatic garage door, you can be 50 feet away to control the opener through a remote.

It is the ideal distance to see the garage door without bumping into any obstruction and close enough to prevent someone from sneaking inside.

If your garage door suddenly refuses to open, one problem to look for is the reception.

So that you can avoid the hassle of a faulty opener reception, follow these ways on how to improve garage door opener reception:

Replace the Batteries

The most affordable way to improve the frequency of the opener’s remote is by changing the batteries, especially if the last replacement happened a long time ago.

Garage door openers with worn-out batteries have minimized the signal reach and deteriorated the internal circuit of the opener’s system.

On average, the opener’s remote batteries last for about 3-5 years.

If you notice issues with the reception after the recommended battery years, try to replace them first.

Upgrade the Garage Door Opener’s Frequency

Outdated garage door openers usually have a 390 MHz frequency.

It still works, but the reception can be short or easily disrupted.

One way on how to improve garage door opener reception is through upgrading the frequency.

Modern openers now operate under a 315 MHz frequency, which undoubtedly improves the reception.

Other garage door owners even maximize dual or tri-band frequency that allows the remote device to detect and choose the best signal.

Upgrading the frequency involves a new circuit board or external receiver installation.

Lucky for you, Austin Garage Doors offer garage door installation in Austin that includes a frequency upgrade.

Moreover, if you want to replace your garage door opener unit, our garage door installation in Austin also includes opener replacement.

Clear Obstructions

Did you know that electrical devices, such as TV, radio, and appliances with timers, interfere with the garage door’s reception?

So if you install new electronics and the garage door’s remote suddenly stops working, the electrical device is most likely the culprit.

Plan to move the electronics away from your garage as much as possible if your reception is faulty.

Also, don’t hesitate to call Austin Garage Doors to plan where to garage door opener for better reception.

Buy an Antenna Extension

Most garage door openers have a 10-inch antenna hanging down the opener.

It is responsible for receiving the signal from the remote device.

However, if the reception is not good, you can buy an antenna extension to improve the opener’s reception.

Check out this video on how to improve garage door opener reception through an antenna extension.

Ask an Expert Technician

The ways presented on how to improve garage door opener reception will not always work.

It is best to ask an expert garage door technician to improve the reception with careful analysis.

A professional garage door service provider has the necessary equipment to evaluate the issue with your reception.

Here in Austin, Austin Garage Doors provide that service.

Our garage door repair in Austin includes a comprehensive inspection of the opener.

Then, we can fix the issue right away.

Quality and Affordable Garage Door Services in Austin

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We have certified and highly skilled garage door technicians who provide garage door repair and garage door installation in Austin.

We guarantee quality yet affordable garage door services.

Before calling for a garage door installation or garage door repair in Austin, you can ask for a quote from us.

We will fill it out honestly and without hidden rates.

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