Dented Garage Door Repair

Dented Garage Door Repair

Overhead garage doors have become somewhat of a necessity to a lot of homeowners out there.

And this is mostly because of the added protection and security that it can provide for your respective homes or establishments.

With so many benefits and so little to lose, who wouldn’t invest in an overhead garage door?

To save on some costs without having to compromise its durability, the most common material being used by a lot of garage door owners out there are aluminum and steel.

Unfortunately, the use of aluminum and steel does not come without any downsides.

One of the greatest flaws of these materials, in spite of their durability, is the fact that it dents quite easily.

And this is why dented garage door repair is also one of the services that a lot of repair companies out there provide for.

Now, there are a lot of possible reasons as to why you have dented overhead garage doors but mostly it is due to some external force hitting your garage doors.

Still, no matter what the reason may be, you just cannot leave your doors as is if ever you do get them dented.

But what exactly can you do if you find yourself in a situation such as this?

Well, if the dent isn’t so big in terms of size, then there might just be something which you can try in order to fix your dented overhead garage doors.

How big is the dent on your garage doors?

Before you get to actually fixing and repairing the dents on your garage doors, the first thing you should do is to assess how big the damage is.

This is necessary in order to properly address the problem at hand.

After all, with this method that we will be teaching you with cannot deal with dents that are too big and the like.

So, how exactly do you know if the dents on your garage door can easily be managed by yourself and whether you will need to call for professional help?

Well, allow us to tell you how.

One of the easiest ways to tell as to whether the damage on your doors is somewhat manageable or not is by simply lifting open your garage doors manually.

Check and see if the dent is big enough to interfere with your garage door’s basic functions or not.

Also, make sure to investigate whether there are abnormalities on your garage doors during the assessment.

If there seems to be no problem when opening your doors open even with the dented areas, then this method should be of use to you.

However, if it does interfere with your door’s basic functions, then it is best you ask for assistance from the nearest garage door company near your area.

Fixing a dented garage door

So, are you ready to learn exactly how garage door repair can be done for your minor dent problems?

Well, before that, there are some things you need to prepare first beforehand:

  • A bucket
  • Large sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Aluminum foil
  • A lighter
  • A can of compressed air

Once you have all these prepared, you are now ready to take on the different steps below in order to fix the dents on your garage doors.

Now, the first thing you should do once you have gathered all these materials is to fill the bucket with water and then add some dish soap.

Keep doing so in order to form a foamy mixture inside your buckets.

This mixture will be used to clean the surface of your garage doors before going through with the procedures.

Once done, make sure to dry it properly before proceeding to the next step.

The next thing you should do is to cover the dented area using aluminum foil and make sure that there is enough allowance on both sides of the dent before cutting it.

With the aluminum foil, hold and stretch it over the dented area and then heat the foil using the lighter for a minute or so.

Once done, quickly remove the aluminum foil and spray the dented area with compressed air for about a minute as well.

Doing this should allow the compressed air to return the dent to its original form.

Keep doing so until you have successfully finished repairing all the dents found on your garage doors.

Now, remember, depending on the size of the dent, this process could take longer than you thought so make sure to be patient and keep going at it.

All your efforts will eventually pay off.


Having dented garage doors is not a very common problem for garage door owners.

Rarely, this only happens if you accidentally bumped your garage doors or someone hit it accidentally.

Nevertheless, it is always good to know how to deal with it in case you might have the need to do so in the near future.

If you are looking for a repair company in the area that can provide you with dented garage door repair, then Austin Garage Door Services is here to help you out.

Our company caters to all sorts of garage door-related services from installation to repair and maintenance activities.

With this being said, whatever the problem may be with your garage doors, we will surely be able to fix it for you.

Get the best value for your money and choose the service that you deserve.

Set up an appointment with us now and know more about everything that our company has to offer for you.

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