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Need Your Door’s Cable Repaired or Replaced?

Cables are often underappreciated since most homeowners think that they don’t play a significant role in the garage door’s operation.

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However, it would not be possible to open your garage door without cables. The reason is that cables balance the tension that the springs release every time the door moves.

Besides, they are capable and crucial to allow for the easy movement of your garage door.

If you’re encountering issues with your garage door, one of the main culprits is the cable.

Hence, we will discuss what you need to know about them and determine if they are the cause of the problems with your garage door.

Brief Overview of Garage Door Cables

Cables come in two types, lifting and retaining. Lifting cables can be seen with torsion springs while the retaining one works together with extension springs.

Regardless of what type of cables, they work with springs. Hence, it’s easy for the door to move up and down.

Cables balance the tension energy released by the springs. This means the garage door is less likely to crash down.

Since they move every time you use your garage door, they break eventually due to wearing and tearing. You know, once cables break, if they snap.

If you see a snapping cable on your garage door upon inspection, it’s better to call a garage door repair service for a garage door cable repair.

Rest assured that professionals will fix the cables right away.

Why Cables Break?

A snapping cable is not a rare issue. Rather, it’s a common issue with most homeowners. Note that every component has its lifespan, and cable is not exempted from damage.

Since cables are used several times a year, they get damaged. Added to the fact that they are made of metal, they are prone to corrosion and rust, especially when exposed to moisture.

Another reason why cables break is due to misaligned tracks. Once a component fails, it will affect the operation of other parts. Hence, this is also true for tracks and cables.

When tracks are misaligned, this will lead to straining on the cables. Eventually, the strain will result in snapped cables.

If you don’t want your cables to break, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance on your garage door.

In this way, you’ll detect problems ahead of time and prevent further damage to the components.

One way to maintain the condition of the cables is to lubricate them regularly. Also, watch this video if you don’t exactly know how to perform maintenance on your garage door.

The Best Time to Hire a Garage Door Repair Service

So, when is the best time to call a professional for a garage door cable repair? The answer lies below. These are the indicators to watch out for when you have a broken cable.

It is hard to open the garage door

If you find it difficult to open your garage door, the reasons might be damaged motor, springs or cables.

However, if the motor and springs are in good condition upon inspection, it means your cable is the culprit.

Damaged cables are the reason why it’s challenging to open your garage door. Once this issue arises, call a garage door replacement service in Austin to get your cable replaced or fixed.

The cables snapped

You’ll know when your cables snapped if the wires are dangling loosely. This happens because of excessive friction from corroded wires.

As mentioned, it’s essential to take care of your garage door to prevent problems from arising.

However, if you’re too late, these cables need replacement rather than a simple repair.

Call Austin Garage Door Services to Fix Your Cables!

To ensure your garage door cable is in prime condition, you need to perform maintenance every once in a while.

You can also schedule an annual appointment with Austin Garage Door Services to check the cables’ overall condition.

Besides, calling our team will save you time, money, and trouble in the long run.

However, if your cables are damaged for some reason, don’t hesitate to call our team if you’re in Austin.

It’s best to ask help from a professional garage door service such as Austin Garage Door Services to prevent more issues from happening.

Therefore, call us now for a quote!

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