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A commercial garage door makes a huge difference for your business. It secures, promotes safety, and avoids downtime to your business.

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It is also often used in every business. Because of this, when a commercial garage door starts to malfunction, it can ruin business operations.

When a malfunction happens, you usually hire a professional for a garage door repair. However, there are times that the damage on the garage door might require a complete replacement.

Hence, we will list all the problems when you need a commercial garage door installation & replacement. Here are the following:

Frequent Break Downs

Every business owner values time above anything else. If a garage door malfunctions and causes downtime to the business, it’s better to hire a garage door company.

Once your garage door has regular breakdowns for a long time, you need to check the problem with a professional.

This kind of problem occurs when the damage has accumulated to your garage door.

However, regular breakdowns mean that the repairs would be more expensive than a complete installation.

If you did not schedule maintenance for a long time, you should know that the components are most likely damaged.

Therefore, call a reputable garage door replacement company such as Austin Garage Door Services to install a new commercial garage door for your building.


When you have a faulty commercial garage door, it can risk your business to potential intruders and break-ins. If you have had a recent break-in lately, it’s time to upgrade your current garage door.

Choose a garage door with high-security features and durable material to ensure the safety of your employees and your building.


If you currently own an outdated garage door, let’s say, without a garage door opener, or it’s uninsulated, you should buy a new one.

Utilize what the modern garage door models have to offer. To be sure, you can ask a garage door repair company for more options.

You can also watch this to have an idea of the different styles a commercial garage door offers.

Worn-Out and Old

An old commercial garage door will start to wear out. This means that it won’t be able to withstand damages any longer.

When you own an old garage door, the components might be worn-out. Because of this, it easily breaks.

Make sure to inspect your old garage door from time to time. However, it needs a replacement soon since repairs won’t be sufficient.

Advantages of Installing a New Commercial Garage Door

Having a commercial garage door installation & replacement is the best decision you’ll make, especially if your garage door is old, severely damaged, and outdated.

Thus, these are reasons to install a new commercial garage door for your business:


Commercial garage doors are no doubt convenient. What’s more, modern styles and designs allow space and safety features wherein your business can take advantage of.

If you own a distribution or logistic facility, you can choose a garage door style that provides enough space for loading and unloading goods. You can also park your forklifts inside the facility.

Provides Security

Modern commercial garage doors offer unbeatable security. This means you can prevent break-ins or theft.

Moreover, commercial garage doors are more durable than residential ones. They also offer security features such as a lock mechanism.

Make sure to communicate with your trusted commercial garage door repair company to choose the best garage door that provides security.


Old commercial garage doors are not useful anymore. Because of their accumulated damages on panels and other components, durability is out of the equation.

Installing a new commercial garage door will eliminate the need to worry about damage and wearing out of its parts soon.


There are many uses of commercial garage doors. You can use them to connect to other areas of the building. You can also choose a design that allows enough sunlight to illuminate your building.

Hence, a commercial garage door is versatile and customizable. Whatever features you want with your new garage door, you can do so.

Communicate with your trusted commercial garage door repair expert when choosing a garage door for your building.


Because of a commercial garage door’s versatility, you can make use of it by adding another feature: insulation property.

There are many highly-rated insulated garage doors in the market. If you also have the budget, you can also choose a fire-proof feature.

In this way, you’ll prevent your garage door from fire damage.

Need Installation?

Maybe it’s time to buy a new commercial garage door for your building. If you’re decided, you can call Austin Garage Door Services for a commercial garage door installation & replacement.

If you’re in Austin, give us a call! We’ll install your garage door safely and correctly.

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