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Paying less attention to your garage door will contribute to its components breaking down eventually. This means that these components might need repair or a replacement soon.

One of the components that need careful attention is the garage door sensor. Without it, it won’t be possible for you to access your garage door quickly.

Hence, we will discuss different factors that could lead to a garage door sensor repair & replacement.

What is a Garage Door Sensor?

One of the crucial components of a garage door is a garage door sensor. Most homeowners do not know its importance until it malfunctions.

Garage door sensors are electrical safety devices that signal the door whether to stay open or close completely.

They prevent accidents from happening. Whenever they detect an obstruction, they will notify the door to stay open to avoid crashing the object.

For this reason, a sensor is a valuable device that needs maintenance from time to time. If it is neglected, it will cause problems with the movement of the garage door.

Since we want to avoid having issues with our garage door, it’s better to check the sensors for alignment and cleanliness.

If they are dirty, misaligned, or broken, you might need to call for a garage door repair service in Austin for a garage door sensor repair & replacement.

What to Do with a Malfunctioning Sensor?

Before you rule out the possibility that your sensors are the culprit for having garage door issues, check these maintenance tips you can do at home.

Check obstructions on the sensors and along the path

When checking the condition of your sensors, make sure if there are obstructions on the floor.

Test your garage door if it suddenly reverses when an object is found on the floor. If it reverses, then your garage door is in good condition.

Otherwise, the sensor needs adjustment. Watch this on how to adjust sensors correctly.

You can also check if the sensors are tainted with dirt and grime since they will lead to the door’s poor operation.

To deal with dirty sensors, simply wipe off the grime carefully. Make sure not to overdo it since sensors are sensitive.

Inspect Problems on Electrical Components

After cleaning and adjusting the sensors and finding your garage door not working, you need to check the electrical devices or components.

When you detect sudden flashing of lights or no lights with your sensors, the electrical components might be damaged.

To be sure, leave the job to a garage door replacement company in Austin to check these components. After all, dealing with electrical components by yourself is not recommended.

Broken Sensors

Most often, garage door problems stem from damaged sensors. This situation happens due to the sensors being bumped by a car, bike, or ball.

When you notice visible damage or no response from the sensors, then it needs a replacement.

Seek help from a professional for a garage door sensor repair & replacement.

The Process of Replacement

If the troubleshooting steps did not fix your garage door sensor, then a replacement is the way to go.

However, dealing with the replacement needs a professional service rather than a DIY project.

When you seek help from a professional, he may detect your sensors’ underlying problems, which require repair or replacement.

He can also see if other components of your garage door are contributing to the problem.

The sensors might often be worn-out due to frequent usage, cold weather, and brittle after an accidental bump.

Hence, dealing with the sensors means working with the electrical components as well.

This means, if you don’t have experience in dealing with electrical stuff, then approaching a professional is the best decision to make.

Therefore, it’s better to contact a garage door repair professional such as Austin Garage Door Services to deal with malfunctioning sensors. Call us now!

Call Austin Garage Door Services for a Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement!

If you live in Austin, one of the best companies to entrust your malfunctioning sensor is Austin Garage Door Services.

We deal with any types of garage door issues, including broken sensors.

Since these components are electrical devices, it’s better if you leave the job to us. Rest assured, we will fix them for good.

If you need a garage door sensor repair & replacement, don’t hesitate to call us! We’re just one call away!

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