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A garage door occupies most of the front portion of your property. Hence, it should look good and function properly all the time.

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It may require yearly maintenance, but it is worth it to keep it in working condition. Besides, we don’t want our garage doors to cause inconvenience to our daily lives.

If you currently own one, it’s crucial to take care of it. On the other hand, if you’re still planning to install it for your home, you can choose many designs, styles, and features.

Moreover, make sure to consult a garage door repair expert such as Austin Garage Door Services if you live in one of Texas’s significant suburb cities, such as Cedar Park.

Whether you need a garage door repair, installation, maintenance, or tune-up, expect we can provide these services for you.

Call us now if you’re in Austin and Cedar Park!

Common Problems with a Garage Door System

A garage door is a simple equipment but consists of several moving components.

For this reason, it’s vital to check your garage door with a professional to ensure that the problems are fixed if ever they exist.

Furthermore, these are some of the common problems to encounter with a garage door:

Broken Cables

Cables are part of the moving components of a garage door. They balance the tension or energy that is released by the springs.

If they get damaged, it will be challenging to repair them on your own. Instead, hiring a professional can fix it.

Moreover, you can spot damaged cables if they are snapped or frayed or the garage door suddenly slams shut and off-track.

Once you notice these common problems with your garage door, contact Austin Garage Door Services to give them a fix.

Broken Springs

Springs are challenging to repair on your own if they are damaged. When dealing with springs, you should never attempt to fix them on your own.

Since they are under extreme tension, they are dangerous to handle. Besides, handling it might cause injuries and accidents to you.

If you’re not aware, try watching this to know how intricate repairing or replacing the springs.

For a DIY fix, check this video out.

Damaged Rollers and Track

Rollers and tracks go hand in hand. Tracks make the garage door move in its place. On the other hand, rollers allow the garage door to operate smoothly along the tracks.

Since these components are used all the time, they get damaged. If you notice your garage door is off-track or out-of-balance, an adjustment on the tracks and inspection of the rollers should be performed.

Similar to springs and cables, rollers and tracks are difficult to deal with. Hence, call a professional for garage door services in Cedar Park.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

If the wall switch or remote did not work or the door reverses after hitting the floor, there must be a problem with your garage door opener.

Since an opener consists of several components, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of these problems.

For this reason, call a residential or commercial garage door repair expert to deal with your opener.

Other Indicators You Need Professional Garage Door Repairs

There are many other signs of taking note when your garage door is malfunctioning.

The following problems on your garage door should encourage you to call a professional to receive garage door services in Cedar Park.

  1. The garage door doesn’t move
  2. door makes strange noises or sounds
  3. The garage door won’t open
  4. door sags when it moves
  5. The auto-reverse feature does not work properly

Call Austin Garage Door Services for a Repair!

Calling us does not mean we can only fix your garage door alone. We also provide maintenance if you need one.

After all, scheduling maintenance with us lengthens the lifespan of your garage door since problems are detected right away.

Aside from scheduling maintenance with us, we can also advise on how you can perform the maintenance on your own. Don’t worry. Maintenance is easy to do once you get used to it.

We also provide garage door replacement or installation. We can even extend our help to choose the best garage door for your home. After, we’ll install it for you with no mistakes.

Our garage door services in Cedar Park are diverse. The reason is we want to cater to different garage door problems.

Besides, owning a garage door means you need to consider maintenance, repairs, and costs. The effort is worth it, after all, since having a garage door for your property provides many benefits.

If you need our garage door services in Cedar Park and Austin, give us a call! We respond to requests any time of the day!

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