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We tend to freak out when our garage door opener stops operating correctly. Fortunately, the cause of the problem is easy to understand and solve.

Furthermore, we will discuss more about automatic openers and their most common problems.

If the following fixes do not correct the issue, you might need to contact a professional garage door repair expert in Austin for a garage door automatic opener repair.

Why is Garage Door Opener Important

Most garage doors in recent years are operated by garage door automatic openers.

They make your garage door accessible with just a click of the remote opener. This means you can quickly enter and leave your garage.

Days are already gone when you need to lift and lower your garage door manually. Hence, they are convenient.

What’s more, they are easy to maintain. Since openers are electric devices that run by a motor, they don’t have much mechanical stuff going on with them. You’ll be able to use it without performing daily maintenance.

Aside from convenience and easy maintenance, a garage door automatic opener makes your property more secure. Nowadays, it comes with a passcode so you alone can access your garage door.

Lastly, it is affordable. Since it is widely available, most manufacturers offer it at a reasonable price.

Together with the fact that it’s convenient, you can secure your house at an affordable price that comes with an opener.

There’s no reason not to buy a garage door opener. It’s convenient, easy to maintain, secure, and affordable.

However, despite the benefits that come with it, it breaks down due to many reasons. Hence, we will discuss in the next section how to perform a garage door automatic opener repair.

Ways to Deal with a Malfunctioning Garage Door Automatic Opener

Before proceeding with a garage door automatic opener repair, you need to perform a necessary inspection on your garage door components.

Check the components, including the opener. If they are in good condition except for the opener, then proceed to the steps below to repair it.

However, if you’re hesitant, you can call Austin Garage Door Services for a garage door repair.

If either the wall switch or remote control fails to operate the automatic opener, there are two reasons that cause it.

First, check the motor if it’s unplugged. If it is, connect it back to the power source.

If plugging the motor does not work, check the electrical devices such as GFCI or fuse as they might be blown out. If you confirm one of its parts is the problem, replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

However, if these things do not work, ask help from a garage door replacement company to inspect the problem.

The remote is not working. There are reasons why your remote won’t work. First is, the antenna of the opener might be out of range. You can improve its range by watching this video.

Also, the remote settings need reprogramming as remotes need it after using them for a while. You can watch this video on how to reprogram your remote.

However, if the methods above did not work, then check the battery of your remote. If you haven’t done it for a while, then it’s time to do it now.

After all, it’s impossible to access the garage door opener with a dead remote battery.

Once you find your garage door reverses after hitting the floor, you need to adjust the close-force setting.

The frictions generated from the rollers trick the opener that the door has already touched the floor.

Because of this, you need to adjust the sensitivity by referring to your user manual.

If the garage door only opens midway, it means the up-limit switch needs to be adjusted.

Move it towards the garage door motor. After doing this, test the garage door if it opens fully.

This may be a rare case, but it happens for homeowners who recently installed a garage door opener.

Seek help from Austin Garage Door Services!

Performing a garage door automatic opener repair might seem tricky, but it can be performed on your own.

However, there are cases of problems with your garage door that require a professional to fix them for good.

If you’re not confident about doing the DIY project on your own, schedule an appointment with a garage door service in Austin!

One trusted company to reach out to is Austin Garage Door Services! Give us a call, and we’ll repair your garage door automatic opener promptly and efficiently.

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