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A broken garage door opener means many things – misaligned sensors, lack of adjustment in the settings, and many more.

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So, how to deal when your garage door opener seems not to be working? This guide will go through the most common problems with a garage door opener and the repair procedures.

Check the Garage Door First

Before repairing your garage door opener, make sure that the door is closed. Then, inspect the components if they are in good condition.

After, pull the emergency release cord to test the door. If the garage door crashes after opening, then the problem might be due to a garage door spring.

With this problem, call your trusted garage door repair service in Austin to replace the springs.

However, if the garage door is cooperating well, proceed to this guide on how you can deal with different garage door problems.

#1: Remote is Working while the Wall Switch Isn’t

If the opener responds to the remote instead of the wall switch, then the wires and wall switch needs replacement.

To determine the real cause of the problem, detach the wall switch by unscrewing it. Then, touch the wires from the wall switch together.

If the opener runs after touching the wires, then the wall switch is likely the culprit. With this kind of problem, you need to buy a new wall switch.

You can also seek help from Austin Garage Door Services to replace the wall switch for you.

#2: The Door Only Closes When Pressing the Wall Switch

This type of problem might be due to misaligned sensors. Check the lights from the sensors if they lit up when there is no object between them.

If the other way around happens, then you need to replace the sensors.

There are many reasons why sensors go wrong, and one of them is the direct sunlight striking directly on them, which causes them to misbehave.

It’s best to call a garage door replacement company in Austin, such as Austin Garage Door Services, for a garage door opener repair. Call us now!

However, if you’re adamant about replacing the sensors by yourself, watch this video for a reference.

#3: The Light Bulbs Won’t Turn On

If everything in your garage door opener is working, but the light bulbs don’t light up, you might have the wrong socket.

When dealing with a broken light socket, it’s best to replace it for good. Remove the circuit board, then the old socket by pushing the clip that holds it in place.

Remove the wire connections of the socket, then replace them with a new one.

Make sure to use the right wattage for your light bulb, or else it will cause the socket to fail. This is not only bad for the socket, but it can also cause fire accidents.

You can also ask for help from a garage door repair service in Austin to assist you with replacing the bulbs.

#4: The Garage Door Does Not Move But Produces a Grinding Noise

If the garage door produces a grinding noise while the door is not moving, the main drive gear is probably toasted.

The main drive gear is usually the problem with common garage door opener problems.

Replacing it on your own is complicated. Hence, leave the job to a professional for a garage door opener repair and drive gear replacement.

#5 The Garage Door Does Not Open

A garage door opener consists of several components. One of the components that contribute to a garage door that won’t open is a corroded rail.

The rail comes in contact with the trolley carriage. Due to the contact of the metal, it’s no surprise if it gets rusty.

For this problem, apply a silicone spray to the corroded parts to prevent dirt from sticking into the rail.

Also, if you own a screw-drive opener, grease the rail gear spots at least once or twice a year.

If lubrication does not work, then the chains on the opener might need adjustment. If you want to tighten it on your own, do it until there are about ¼ inches to ½ inches of slack between the chain and rail.

In this way, you’ll avoid over-tightening the chain that can lead to wear and tear of the gears and shaft.

On the other hand, applying little tension can cause the chain to jump off from the sprocket.

You can refer to your manual for the instructions, or you can schedule an appointment with a garage door replacement service to adjust the chains for you.

Need Help? Call Austin Garage Door Services!

There are many more reasons why openers malfunction. If you find the DIY tips above not useful, you can always call Austin Garage Door Services for a garage door opener repair. We will identify the problem with your opener and solve it right away.

When dealing with a malfunctioning opener, you don’t have to prolong the problem any further. Call us now if you’re in Austin!

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