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Are you experiencing issues with your garage door?

Sometimes, it is hard to seek help right away, especially if you have limited access to a garage door professional.

Luckily, our expert team in Austin Garage Doors prepared this garage door repairs FAQ to help you in our little way when you face problems with garage doors.

Check out these garage door repairs FAQ, which may answer your problems:

How can I adjust the tension in the garage door springs?

Extension springs installed on each side of the garage door require adjusting the hooks attached to them.

To decrease the tension, insert the hook into a lower hole located on the track.

And to increase the tension, insert the hook into an upper hole located on the track.

For the torsion spring, rotate the winding cones found at the ends of the spring.

To increase or decrease the tension, turn the winding cone up or down, respectively.

However, note that adjusting garage door springs is not an easy task.

Since springs carry the load of the heavy garage door, spring adjustments require flawless execution to avoid injuries and property damages.

Rely on Austin Garage Doors if you want to adjust springs.

Our garage door repair in Austin offers flawless garage door spring adjustment.

Do I need to replace the whole door or just the panels if dents are present?

Garage door dents can be unsightly, especially if you aim to enhance your curb appeal.

If the dents do not affect your garage door’s mechanism, you can just replace the panels affected.

However, this only applies to steel and aluminum garage door models, which have available panel replacements.

Also, if the dents affect the garage door’s mechanism, it is best to install a new garage door.

You can depend on Austin Garage Doors for a new garage door installation in Austin.

We can install steel, aluminum, wooden, and fiberglass garage doors at your request.

Why are there banging and screeching sounds on my garage door?

If you hear a loud bang when you close your garage door, the springs may have broken, or the cables have snapped.

Leave them to Austin Garage Doors for a garage door repair in Austin.

Also, our garage door installation in Austin offers cable and spring replacement to eliminate completely the loud bang you hear.

On the other hand, unlubricated moving parts usually cause screeching noises every time the garage door opens or closes.

Try to lubricate rollers, tracks, springs, hinges, and bearing plates using a silicone-based lubricant.

If it did not solve the screeching noise, contact Austin Garage Doors for a complete assessment and a possible garage door repair in Austin.

What should I do if my garage door is not opening?

If your garage door is not opening, there are several possible reasons.

Try the following:

  • Replace the batteries of the remote of the garage door opener.
  • Check for signs of a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Open the garage door by releasing the emergency release kit and look for signs of damage.
  • Call a garage door technician.

You can only check for signs of damage on the rollers, tracks, springs, cables, sensors, or opener when you open the garage door.

If you don’t know what to do, don’t hesitate to call Austin Garage Doors, as we can help you open your garage door quickly.

Can I monitor my garage door from work?

If your garage door opener is myQ compatible, you can monitor if your garage door opens or close without your permission.

Also, through the mobile application, you can grant access to other people without actually going home.

It is a wise addition to your garage security and convenience.At Austin Garage Doors, you can upgrade your opener with myQ compatibility with our garage door installation in Austin.

The Best Garage Door Technicians in Austin

If the presented garage door repairs FAQ did not answer your questions, ask us at Austin Garage Doors.

We are a team of certified and highly skilled garage door technicians who offer the best garage door repair in Austin.

No matter how trivial or complicated the issue is, we have the right solutions ready for you.

Moreover, our garage door installation in Austin provides roller, spring, cable, opener, track, and panel replacement when the old garage door parts are beyond repair.

You can always ask us for a detailed quote and expect that we will fill it out without hidden charges.

Austin Garage Doors is available 24/7!

So don’t hesitate to contact our team any time of the day.

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