How to Adjust Garage Door Springs And Cables

How to Adjust Garage Door Springs And Cables

Every machine is made up of cogs on the inside.

These cogs work hand in hand with one another so that a device functions the way it does.

When one of the cogs halts in movement, the device is rendered incapable of work.

That being said, it is a regular occurrence for these machines to face complications once in a while.

Garage doors, for this matter, are particular fixtures that, in contrast to their simple appearance, are backed up by several other complex machines that make their movements, e.g., the opening and closing of the doors, detection of objects under the doors, possible.

Loose garage door cables and springs are common problems that garage owners face.

What is more, when a garage door cable meets any complication, the door springs are almost always guaranteed to be subjected to the same dilemmas.

This is a testament to the complexity of garage doors in general.

Hence, it should compel owners to recheck theirs regularly.

In contrast, the prospect of hiring a professional to do the fixing or adjusting most handsome, adjusting garage door cables and springs might be something one could do independently.

Know Your Extension Springs

It is essential that we be able to recognize first the extension springs that are mounted on the side.

In fact, there are two types of springs that are usually used by garage doors: the torsion springs and the extension springs.

Before beginning to adjust the springs, determine first the type of springs that the door is equipped with.

To give you an idea, side-mounted extension springs are usually much easier to adjust.

Torsion springs, on the other hand, are far more dangerous in terms of handling it.

Hence, it would be best to leave it to the professionals.

Extension springs are normally above and parallel to the tracks of the door.

Know Your Torsion Springs

If you have a torsion spring in your garage door, you can easily spot it.

They are usually located at the top of the door.

They are also found running along the metal shaft that is aligned above the door.

They are normally used by lighter and smaller garage doors which makes use of a single torsion spring.

Heavier and larger doors are often equipped with two springs which are positioned at either side.

Look for the Problem

Before embarking on adjusting the springs and the cables, the problem must be determined and understood first.

This includes understanding the tension.

The tension caused by both the springs and the cables can result into a wide range of problems, especially in the aspect of the closing and the opening of the door.

Most garage door problems that are in need of spring and cable fine-tuning are its difficulty to open or close as well as its quick opening and closing.

It can also include the difficulty to close properly as well as the uneven closing with a noticeable gap.

Find the Solution

After you have gotten to know the types of the springs as well as the cable and the possible problems, it is time to think of the solution.

The solution, of course, will depend on the intensity of the problem.

As such, you might need to either increase or decrease the tension of the spring on the door.

If it is difficult to close or if it opens a bit rapidly, you might need to lessen the tension.

If it has difficulty in opening or if it closes quite rapidly, then you will have to increase the tension.

Moreover, you have to adjust the tension on the side with the gap if the door closes unevenly.

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