How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

Over the years, modern society has seen a spike in state-of-the-art amenities.

A great turn of affairs, many would think; technology in all its noble splendor.

Be that as it may, some continue to stick faithfully to what they have always been accustomed to.

One instance could be opting to brew one’s coffee on a grinder manually instead of having it served pronto by a coffee maker that could operate as if it were a barista at some coffee shop – this among many.

While it is true that society has amiably welcomed the advantages of technology, there are still those who would instead remain in the comfort of a familiar pattern.

Garage doors, for this matter, are no strangers to modification.

Along with countless innovations, augmentations, and revisions, these doors have evolved into types of home fixtures that homeowners could rely on.

Some of these door types have been enhanced to appease modern living trends, while others impart a sense of belongingness with the past fads.

Considering that these huge doors are subject to constant tension, it’s only natural for its tracks to come loose.

This list, therefore, serves to provide pointers on how to adjust garage door tracks.

Unfasten the tracks

The first step to a project is to simply remove everything and start over.

This ensures that the project goes well without any interference and hassle with the objects that need no fixing.

For the garage tracks, as there are a number of screws fastened around it, we need to loosen it first.

These screws are the ones that are responsible for the fastening of the garage door frame, so they do not unhinge during the operation.

As such, when looking to adjust the tracks, unfastening these screws should be the first step.

Make sure that these screws are unfastened enough before doing anything to adjust the tracks.

Fine-tune the garage door tracks

With a garage door track that is out of adjustment, fine-tuning is just what it needs.

First, get a rubber mallet.

This is the tool that we will be used to adjust the tracks.

If you are thinking of swapping it up for a hammer, think again.

A hammer can easily damage the tracks of the garage door, so it should be avoided.

You can then proceed with the adjustment by making use of the mallet.

On the foot of the door track, use the rubber mallet and swing it with force in order to correct the position.

A level tool can also be utilized so as to ensure that the tracks stay in place and in an accurate position.

Tighten the tracks

After the adjustment and repositioning of the tracks have been done, putting the screws back to where they belong in the final step.

Tighten the garage door’s screws, and that is basically everything.

For the other tracks, simply repeat the previous steps.

However, if you are not sure if you can do a good job in doing such a project, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

One small wrong swing of the mallet can cause more damage that can require an even bigger fix.

As such, as a homeowner, carefully evaluate the risks and your ability to be able to perform such a repair.

Look out for further problems

A garage door that is out of alignment or adjustment is not a simple issue.

It is not just a matter of misadjustment.

For the most part, it might be due to an even bigger issue, which can lead to a whole lot of damage and fixing.

As such, if you notice your door being out of place, act on it immediately and fix it before it causes any more damage.

As they say, prevention is the best cure.

The same thing proves true for your garage door.

When you notice something is off, have it fixed immediately.

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