How to Select Garage Door Springs

How to Select Garage Door Springs

Like the human body, an appliance also has parts that work together in order to ensure maximum functionality and performance.

This means that various components are constantly at the ready for when a particular appliance or technology in the home is operated.

With the advancement of science and technology nowadays, these components and parts have also been upgraded to ensure that the objects for which they are a part are always on the go.

This also proves true for garage doors.

As we all know, garage doors are important commodities in the home, with a garage installed within the property.

It keeps valuable items such as tools, personal belongings, and vehicles safe and in check.

As such, when one of its parts malfunctions, the whole system might also fall in disarray.

Hence, finding the best parts for a garage door is a must when you are a homeowner.

One of the parts of the garage door that plays a huge role in its operation is the springs.

Garage door springs carry the whole load along with the other components.

Therefore, when looking for its replacement, selecting the best ones can go a long way.

Given that, here are some of the tips on how to select garage door springs:

Torsion Springs

There are essentially two types of springs that are equipped in a garage door.

One of them is called the torsion springs.

These springs are usually stiff that is positioned towards the metal rod that is found running parallel to the door itself.

It is usually located directly at the top of the opening.

These springs are positioned near the wall above the garage door.

They tightly coil around each other during the opening and closing of the garage, thereby storing energy.

Upon closing the door, torsion springs safeguard enough energy that is used for when you open the door.

It uncoils and then proceeds to release the energy that has been stored.

Extension Springs

The other type of springs is called the extension springs.

In contrast to the torsion springs, they are usually positioned perpendicular to the door of the garage.

In appearance, they are mostly long and light in weight.

In position, they are located above the tracks of the door on its horizontal sides.

They can be found between the garage door tracks as well as the ceiling of the garage door itself.

Unlike the torsion springs, they safeguard energy by extending as the door closes.

When the door opens, this energy is released as well.

Locate the Direction of the Wind

Before you pick out the right type of springs to pick, you should be able to determine first the direction in which the wind turns.

Most of the time, a garage door will need two springs that are usually divided by a divider and located mainly at the midpoint of the door, which is classified as the springs from the left and the right.

The spring on the left side is designed to have an endpoint that runs in a clockwise direction.

On the other hand, the right spring is that of the spring whose endpoint runs anti-clockwise.

Determine the Size of the Wire

In order to get the right springs, the measurement for the size of the wire should be determined as well.

This includes measuring the length of the coils, about ten or twenty of them of a specific spring that needs replacing.

Afterward, compare the measured size to the charts of the measurements of the spring to be able to determine the right size of the wire.

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