What To Do When Your Garage Door Is Jammed

What To Do When Your Garage Door Is Jammed

Overhead garage doors have become widely used by a lot of different individuals for a lot of different purposes – residential and commercial alike.

And because of this, they have become an even more integral part of our lives and our community.

Your garage doors make it a point that your homes and establishments are not left vulnerable to all kinds of harm and unwanted factors.

However, no matter what you do, there will come a time when your garage door will break down and require garage door-related services.

And when your garage doors break down on you, it can spell all sorts of trouble most especially for the involved parties.

Today, we will be talking about one of the most common garage door problems there is which is having your garage doors jammed or stuck in place.

Now a lot of you are probably wondering about what to do when your garage door is jammed or stuck.

If you are one of these individuals, then allow us to enlighten you further on this matter.

Jammed Garage Doors – Cause and Solution

In order for you to be able to do something about your garage doors and know what to do when your garage door is jammed, you must first be able to identify the reason behind your problem.

By doing so, you should be able to act accordingly and resolve the matter in a timely fashion.

This being said, what exactly causes your garage doors to get jammed?

Well, to answer your question, there are a lot of possible reasons out there as to why your garage doors get jammed.

Some can be fairly easy to deal with and repair, while others can be a bit more difficult and complex to address.

And depending on the cause of the problem, some might even require more time and effort compared to others.

Now, to get you started and give you some idea of what these different causes are, here are some examples of the most common reasons for your jammed garage door problem.

Cold weather

If you live in an area that has extremely cold temperature levels, then you might be experiencing jammed garage doors due to this reason.

Basically, when the weather is cold, the different components of your garage door such as your springs and hinges can end up freezing.

This makes it difficult for your springs to move due to the restriction and removing the ice that has formed on your spring’s surface might not even be an option.

After all, doing so may cause damages to your springs themselves.

If any of your garage door’s components has resulted in damages due to the cold weather, make sure to have these components replaced right away.

Make sure to ask for assistance from the nearest garage door company in your area if you plan to have these different parts replaced.

This is so you do not put yourself at risk of having to replace your garage door’s different components.

Misaligned garage door tracks

Another possible reason as to why your garage doors are getting jammed is possibly due to your garage door’s tracks.

Your garage door tracks are what guide your door when it opens and closes.

Now, if these things get misaligned, your rollers will not be able to pass them properly and thus resulting in your garage doors jamming.

In order to fix this, you first have to check and identify the areas concerned.

Once you have done so, realign these sections of your garage door tracks and make sure that the brackets holding them are secured tightly in place as well.

Broken garage door springs

Garage door springs are responsible for supporting your door’s weight and lifting open your garage doors.

Without your springs, your garage door will not be able to open at all.

This makes garage door springs such an important part of your overhead garage doors.

Now, if your doors suddenly get jammed after hearing a loud banging noise, then it is possible that your springs are the reason behind the problem.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, it is recommended to contact a reliable garage door repair technician that can help you solve your problem.

Although it is entirely possible to attempt the repair yourself, doing so can be extremely dangerous and risky.

And in order not to put your safety at risk, we advise you not to tinker with this problem on your own any further.


Having jammed garage doors and not knowing what to do when your garage door is jammed can certainly spell a lot of trouble to the involved parties.

After all, leaving your door that way will only put your homes and establishments vulnerable to all sorts of unwanted elements and factors.

When faced with a problem such as this, it is always best to ask for help right away from your local garage door repair company so as not to make matters worse for your garage doors.

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