DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Overhead garage doors everywhere are being used on a daily basis making it one of the most important parts of your homes and/or establishments.

It is opened and closed approximately around a thousand times per year.

This makes it more prone to damages and wearing out over time.

This being said, if you want your garage doors to keep functioning as they should, proper care and maintenance should be provided for it.

There are a lot of things being done during maintenance activities from cleaning to repairing and testing making it one of the best ways of effectively taking care of your garage door needs.

Not only that, but it also prolongs and delays the life expectancy of the different parts and components of your garage doors.

Remember, regularly maintaining your overhead garage doors can go a long way in improving their function and performance.

Now there are two types of maintenance services that can be provided for your garage doors.

One is DIY garage door maintenance services while the other is what you know as professional garage door maintenance services.

DIY garage door maintenance activities usually comprise of the easy-to-do maintenance activities which you can perform on a weekly basis while the other includes more complex and thorough maintenance processes.

Professional garage door maintenance services are better off left to trained garage door repair technicians as they can be quite complex and difficult to do.

You would need extensive knowledge in order to perform the procedure correctly and safely after all.

If you really want to be able to do something for your overhead garage doors, then there are some simple maintenance activities that you can do for yourself.

But what exactly are these activities being mentioned are?

Well, let’s find out together.

What should be included in your maintenance checklist?

If you are still here and reading this article then surely you are interested in knowing more about what kind of maintenance activities you can do for your garage doors.

And you are certainly in the right place for that.

However, before I start mentioning these must-include maintenance activities, you should first keep in mind that you are not limited to doing just these.

You can go and think outside the box of what more you can do for your garage doors.

After all, there is always room for improvement and new ideas.

What we will be mentioning here are some of the core activities which should always be included in your things-to-do list.

And these activities are as follows.

Cleaning your garage doors

The easiest one to do among all those on the list is cleaning your garage door.

Yes, you heard us right.

Even simple cleaning activities can be considered as a vital part when it comes to maintaining your garage doors.

You may think that it is not necessary, but in truth, it does more for your doors than you think.

Since your garage door is exposed to a lot of different factors, it tends to easily gather all sorts of dust and dirt, and over time, these things harden.

Now when that happens, you might start experiencing some problems and issues with your garage doors.

Some of which may include difficulty in opening, loud screeching noises, etc.

But, although its impact is quite huge, cleaning your garage door is one of the simplest activities there is to do.

You can clean your garage door by using a soft fiber cloth to wipe off the dirt on its surface or you may use a pressurized water hose to help you deal with the job more quickly.

Just make sure to dry your doors properly afterward in order to prevent its different metal components from rusting.

Make sure to focus on areas where dirt can easily be hidden and gathered and take note of these areas.

This is so you know where to look the next time you clean your overhead garage doors.

Lubricating your garage door’s moving parts

Another thing you should definitely consider doing for your overhead garage doors is having their different parts and components lubricated.

Frequent movement and interaction between two different parts can cause it to speed up the wearing-out process due to the contact after all.

Do this and you will find yourself in less trouble when it comes to worn-out garage door parts.

And what more, lubrication is also relatively easy to do!

There is one thing however that you need to keep in mind when lubricating your overhead garage doors.

Make sure to mind the kind of lubricant that you are using on whether it is compatible for usage with your overhead garage doors.

Depending on the type of material that your garage door has, the wrong type of lubricant might end up doing harm rather than good.

Checking your door for loose parts

Since your garage doors move a lot every single day, this also means that there is a great possibility that your bolts and nuts holding things in place start to loosen up.

This mostly happens because of all the vibration produced by lifting your garage doors open and close.

It might sound relatively minor, but this can be really problematic if allowed to worsen.

Loose garage door parts can not only affect your door’s performance but can also prove to be dangerous especially to you and the people that live with you.

When your door’s parts are not held tightly in place, it might fall off and cause injuries accidentally.

Try checking around if there are any steady parts that appear to be loose.

If there are, make sure you tighten them properly in place.

Better yet, try changing the screws, bolts, and nuts being used as the threading might have started to loosen due to the heavy movement of your doors.

Examining your door for any worn out parts

The best time to deal with any damaged components or worn-out garage door parts is of course during maintenance activity.

Since this is the one day that you are dedicated to providing care for your doors, it means it will also give you ample time to see if there are actually worn-out parts that you need to look out for.

Doing so will allow you to prepare spare components so that when it actually breaks down, you will be more than ready to deal with it.

Or better yet, before things go south, you can replace them then and there.

Check for any tell-tale signs that might indicate that you have damaged parts or components, and if there are, make sure to deal with them right away.

Testing your garage door’s basic functions

After doing all that tinkering with your overhead garage doors, make sure to test your door’s function afterward.

This is to ensure that you managed to do everything right and properly the first time.

Doing this will also allow you to confirm that your door is still functioning well and properly after performing all that maintenance activities.

Getting your garage doors maintained

Keep in mind that DIY garage door maintenance activities aren’t enough to deal with all your door’s needs.

After all, if you are new to all these, the tools and equipment that you have can be limited, and most often than not, you would not be able to do a lot.

If you want your garage door maintained and services well and properly, it is still best to ask for assistance from the nearest garage door repair company in your area.

Looking for a garage door repair company in Austin that can provide you with maintenance services?

Then look no further, Austin Garage Door Services is here to help you out.

Our company is available to serve you 24/7 so you won’t have to worry about reaching out to us even during the oddest hours of the week.

Know more about our different rates and services by giving us a call or visiting us at our main office located in Austin.

What are you waiting for?

Get your garage door maintained and contact us now!

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