Garage Door Slams Shut

A slamming garage door can be very dangerous and can potentially put other people’s lives at risk.

So if you start noticing your garage doors slamming when you have it closed, then it is best to have it repaired right away before things get out of hand.

When a garage door slams shut, it is a clear sign that your door’s springs are weakening.

And the only way you can fix it is to have it replaced with a new one.

However, replacing a garage door spring can be a very complex and difficult process, and as such, it is best to ask for the assistance of a trained professional in order to get it done.

After all, if not done properly, it can result in a lot of unwanted results for you.

Now, there are two major reasons why your garage door slams shut on you – either your garage door spring is worn out or you have a high close force adjustment setting.

Whichever may be the problem for you, we will help you out understand the matter better and provide you with a solution on how to deal with it as well.

Worn out garage door spring

Of the two possible reasons as to why your garage door slams shut on you, this is most likely the main reason for your current situation.

After all, a slamming garage door is a clear tell-tale sign that something is wrong with your garage door spring.

Allow us to explain it better.

Your garage door spring is the part of your garage door that is mainly responsible for carrying and supporting your garage door’s weight.

Without these springs, your garage door will not be able to support itself at all.

It is the springs and not the opener that is mainly responsible for carrying and lifting your garage doors after all.

Now, just like every other component of your garage door, your garage door springs also have a limited life span.

This means that once it reaches a specific number of opening cycles, you can expect your garage door springs to show some signs of breaking down and other damages.

They can even get weak and lose all their tensile strength over time.

And when this happens, it can be quite problematic for you.

Once this happens, the only way to get your garage doors back to the way that they used to is to have your spring replaced.

It is possible to replace your garage door’s spring by yourself with the help of DIY tutorials and videos online but we do not recommend you to do so.

This is because doing this can be quite difficult most especially if you are new to stuff such as these.

However, if you insist on doing the repairs by yourself, you can do so but make sure that you get the right spring for your doors and that you follow the procedures properly.

High close force settings

Although highly unlikely, another possible reason as to why your garage door keeps slamming is because your close force settings are set too high.

Your garage door force settings are there to give you the ability to increase or decrease the force necessary to open or close your garage door.

Basically, the force set on your garage door’s close force settings is based on your garage door’s weight, the weather, and the condition of your garage door’s parts.

After all, sometimes you need to adjust the force to compensate for the cold weather or your damaged garage door components that are underperforming.

However, if it is set too high, it can result in your garage door slamming shut on you.

So if your garage door spring does not seem to be the reason for your slamming garage doors, then it is most likely that you’ll need to adjust your garage door’s force settings.

As for the procedure on how to change your garage door’s force settings, you math refer to the manual that comes with your garage door opener.

This is because depending on the model, the procedure on which you can do this can vary as well.

Once you have figured out how to do this, adjust your settings right away and your garage doors should stop from always slamming themselves close.


Garage doors slamming shut when you close them is never a good indication of the condition of your garage doors.

After all, this occurrence is not something that you can pass off as normal.

If your garage door keeps doing this, then something is definitely going wrong with your overhead garage doors.

Make sure to solve the problem as soon as you can if ever you do find yourselves in a situation such as this.

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